FWD has always been committed to the Research and Development of new technologies in the employ of large companies, and in the search for innovation and development of new forms of target engagement.

FWD responds to the needs of increasingly evolved and demanding customers, with the aim of enhancing the relationship between brand and consumer, through the setting up of initiatives and projects capable of emotionally involving the several reference targets.

FWD merges real and virtual, online and offline, technology and creativity, creating storytelling tools that take advantage of the full potential of the new digital universe, in order to generate measurable performance.


A professional specialization for the development of Enterprise Cinema, in partnership with CSC (Experimental Centre of Italian Cinema), where several professional skills converge. All of them are related to the digital innovation, art direction, marketing, and film production, thanks to unique and multi-functional teams able to manage both the research and development of new creative ideas and the creation of new audio-visual products, passing through the collection and the financial management phases in order to optimize the budget.


“There is a time when we savour endless possibilities of choice.
A suspended time than can have unpredictable consequences.”


Red Moon

red note

Red dress

red paint


Thanks to a close collaboration with the Experimental Cinema Centre (CSC) and the use of an innovative patented software, FWD presents in 2019 the first tutorial course to realise interactive productions for cinema, advertising and training use.